About us

Magallanes is an independent asset management company, equity value oriented and which is controlled by its founders.

Our objective is to preserve and to grow the capital of our clients thereby generating long-term returns over and above standard market returns. Our investors are our priority and represent the most important part of Magallanes. We are conscious of our fiduciary responsibility in the management of the money of our clients. We manage and protect our clients’ money in a diligent, responsible and committed manner, subject to solid ethical principles.
Magallanes manages two equity funds focused on Iberian and European equities.



Magallanes Value Investors is, in part, named after the great historical figure of Fernando de Magallanes, and is also named in tribute to what is possibly the best mutual fund in history in terms of investment returns, namely the Magellan Fidelity Fund, which was managed by Peter Lynch, a legendary value investor, which achieved an annualised return of close to 30% during the 13 years in which he was at the helm.